Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling the burn.....use sunblock

Don't only think of sunblock while on holiday at the beach , rub some anywhere(especially during KPLR....ask Sukri Siong....separuh sunblock aku dia belasah...(friend forever..x prob ).Never turn red like a lobster (aku jadi arang la...) or end up with damaged skin again. An info for all raiders(pembalap basikal)....

  • SPF stand sun protection factor. To know how long u can stay out, simply do the basic calculation. An average person burns after 20 minutes. Multiply with your SPF. eg. SPF30 X 20=600. This means you are protected for 6oo minutes or 10 hours.

  • Rubbing your lotion incorrectly may make your sunblock less effective. An SPF30 product may work like an SPF15 on if wrongly applied. So make sure you cover all areas with ample amouts.

  • Tanning is the result of the damaged skin layer causing the bottoem of the skin layer to produce melamin.This is the darker pigmentation that you see.The outer layer of the skin dies and causes flaking and peeling.

  • UVA rays are longer sun rays that range between 320 to 400 nanometer. SPF is not indicator of UVA ray absorption. UVA rays do not penetrate deep but can still cause damage in the form of premature ageing and wrinkiling. Some sunblock dont shield UVA rays, so check the labels.

  • Choose the best sunblocks based on your skin type. Sprays and gels are good for oily skin and cream and lotion work best for dry skin.(if u don't sure.....let your wife choose for you...)

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